When it’s time for a new cell phone, there’s no longer a reason to hang onto your old one or toss it away. This is equivalent to throwing away toxic money. You have an option to earn some money back toward a new phone, and you will be keeping dangerous metals and chemicals out of landfills. As a win/win situation, you can’t do any better. Now, you have a few options in this matter, so it’s up to you to determine what the right choice is for your situation.

Trade Your Smartphone In

In this case, your cell phone supplier may well have a discounting program for those who wish to simply trade in their old phones. This will mean a percentage taken off the new phone purchase if there is one, or a discount on the payment plan. Each supplier is different, so be sure to speak with the salesperson before committing to doing this. Often time there is no limit on how old a phone is, so even if it’s a clunker with a 3 pound battery, you should be able to see some benefit in the trade.

Trade In For Cash

There are many businesses on the internet that will buy your old smart phone for a decent price. These are generally fixed per the company’s offer, so there won’t be any room to negotiate. Generally, the latest and fanciest cell phones garner the highest prices, and these are based on the recyclable technology that lies within the phone’s guts. If you bought your old phone to have every latest bell and whistle that was available at the time, you will be sure to see a higher return than just a simple off-the-shelf model.

These companies are looking to recycle and re-use the rare earth minerals and computer components within, and that is what leads to the flat price. They have calculated exactly what they can expect to make off your phone’s guts, and are trying to offer you the best price probable. These are not places that will recondition and resell your phone, for the most part. They are there to break them down and sell bulk materials back to phone manufacturers.

Don’t Ditch It, Repair It

You also have an option to have your phone repaired by someone like VG Phones, where they will take the time to expertly refurbish and repair your beloved personal assistant to a nearly new state.  Whatever your choice, it’s a whole lot better than simply chucking it in the trash bin.