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Nintendo DS/DSi Repairs

repair your broken Nintendo DS/DSi/ DSi XL

Nintendo released the DSi console in 2009. Changes to the DSi from the grossly popular DS Lite included the overall size, the increase in size of the two LCD screens, the implementation of two VGA 0.3MP digital cameras and SD slot, the change from a power switch to a power button, and the matte finish. It also contains more RAM and a faster CPU than the DS Lite.

The DSi still features Download Play, PictoChat, however no longer supports Game Boy Advance (GBA) game cartridges. 

Being a handheld video gaming console and highly mobile and portable as well as being able to provide a fun experience for people from a very young age, the DSi is prone to many accidents and misuse and consequently damage requiring repair. These include dropping the console, sitting on the console, biting the console (yes!), sneezing on the console and of course playing a little too passionately. Many users of the DS Lite reported damage to the Slot 1 pins due to incorrect insertion of the game cartridge, and Nintendo have tried to minimise this by adding a shield in the slot opening in the DSi. Change in the hinge design has also meant that the hinge is less fragile than the DS Lite and as a result cracks or breaks in the hinge are less likely.


Nintendo released the DSi XL console in 2010. It is the same as a DSi console with the exception that it is overall larger in size and has improved battery life.

We provide all repair solutions for Nintendo DSi and DSi XL. All repair services include assessment of the problem/s, repair or replacement of parts using genuine parts, and post-repair console testing. 




Game Cartridge Pin Replacement

- DS game cartridge will not read
- Game cartridge pins are bent or broken
- Game cartridge pins are rusted or show signs of liquid damage
- Foreign objects inserted into the slot
- DS game cartridge inserted the wrong way

Top LCD Screen Replacement

- No backlight, cracked LCD screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen                                          
- Top LCD screen flicks on when DSi or DSi XL is turned on then blacks out
The top screen can become damaged as a result of a broken hinge or if the top half of the DSi completely detaches from the bottom half

Bottom LCD Screen Replacement

- No backlight, cracked LCD screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen
- DSi power light turns on but both screen appear blank/black
The bottom screen has two components, the inner LCD screen and the outer touch screen

Touch Screen Replacement

- Cracked touch screen
- Non-responsive touch screen
- Cannot be calibrated
- Heavily scratched
The bottom screen has two components, the inner LCD screen and the outer touch screen

Hinge Replacement

- Hinge (connects the top and bottom sections of the DSi and DSi XL) is broken or cracked
If your hinge is damaged we recommend the unit not be used until the problem is rectified as continual use can cause damage to the top LCD screen, thus costing you more money to get it fixed

Full Shell Replacement

- Severe hinge damage
- Casing is damaged anywhere on the console
Sometimes the location and extent of damage to the hinge means that you will need to have the full shell replaced. Doing so will make your console look new again

Power Rectification

- DSi or DSi XL will charge but not turn on
- DSi or DSi XL will not turn on at all
- DSi or DSi XL was dropped or exposed to shock or high impact
- Rattling sound can be heard inside when unit gently shaken

Power Button Repair

- Power button is stuck or is non-responsive

Shoulder Button Repair - R or L shoulder buttons are stuck or are non-responsive
Directional Button/Function Button Repair

- Directional buttons (left/right/up/down) or functional buttons (A/B/Y/X) are stuck or non- responsive

Microphone Repair - No voice recognition
Camera Repair/Replacement SD Slot Repair

- One or both digital cameras do not work

- Cannot recognise or read SD memory cards

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