iPhone 7 Front Camera Repair

iPhone 7 Front Camera Repair

iPhone 7 Rear Camera Repair

Okay, ready? One...two...three...smile! With the 12MP camera on the iPhone 7, you can take professional quality photographs with nothing but your smartphone. But those sophisticated parts are sensitive, and can easily damage or break


Symptoms of damage can include:


  • Inability to take photos with the rear camera
  • Images that are fuzzy or blurry or completely black
  • Flash shining all the time, or not coming on in dark places
  • Shutter over the rear camera fails to open, only opens part way, or stays open all the time


A minor bump or fall can cause these problems, but VG Phones can solve them. We’ll actually repair your phone, unlike the Apple store. Our expert techs will carefully replace the broken camera with a working part, then do a complete test to make sure it’s working before sending it back. You don’t need a service plan or warranty to take advantage of our repairs. You can count on our technicians to do the repair right the first time.

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