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iPhone 7 Power Button Repair

iPhone 7 lightning Dock Repair

  • 90-day warranty for all repairs.
  • Provides a solution for charging or headphone issues.
  • Highest-quality replacement parts.

With the iPhone 7 being released without a headphone jack, users must use the Lightning Dock to make a wired audio connection. While Apple assures us that this port and connections have been reinforced to stand up to this double-duty, we anticipate receiving more orders for malfunctioning Lightning Dock connectors. If your iPhone 7 is charging slowly or not at all, and the battery is not the issue (see our FREE diagnostic test), or connected headphones won’t produce any sound, let VG Phones take care of the problem.

While the iPhone 7 is built to the highest quality expected, any electronic device can break with overuse. We anticipate the iPhone 7 Lightning Dock will receive double the use compared to previous iPhone models now that it is the only port for both charging and wired headphones. Repeated use can bend or break parts of the charging port, leading to slow or no charging, or lack of sound coming from wired headphones.

As a major electrical component, broken Lightning Dock connectors can lead to other problems: the loudspeaker acting up, the microphone not functioning, and more. We can pinpoint any related problems with our thorough diagnostic tests.

Physical trauma, water contact, dirt/corrosive deposits all can cause malfunction. Our technicians will provide a detailed repair quote if any other issues are discovered.

Our replacement parts are always of the highest quality and include a 90-day warranty for everything but accidental damage.

A tracking number is provided so you will always know when your device will arrive back to you in perfect working condition.

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