iPhone 6S Volume Button Repair

iPhone 6S Volume Button Repair

iPhone 6S Power Button Repair

iPhone 6S Power Button Repair

iPhone 6S Vibrate Button Repair

Got some problems with your iPhone 6s vibration function?

  • Broken button
  • Phone doesn't vibrate
  • Never stops shaking

VGPhones finds the cause and gets your phone working properly once more with our iPhone 6s Vibrate Button Repair Service.


The vibrate function on your iPhone 6s is a convenient feature that lets you know when you have a call, text or notification in a discreet way that won't disturb people around you. Unfortunately, problems can arise with the vibration function and the button that controls it, particularly if your phone has suffered a fall or another type of accident.


If your iPhone 6s vibration function or button aren't working, you may experience:

  • An inability to get the phone to vibrate or to stop vibrating
  • Loss of the button
  • Loosening of the button
  • Difficulty getting the button to move
  • Random vibrations from the phone even when there are no calls, notifications or texts

VG Phones is here to solve all of these problems or any other issue that you may be experiencing related to the vibration function and button of your iPhone 6s. With our affordable iPhone 6s Vibrate Button Repair Service, we'll determine the cause of the problem, get your iPhone repaired and send it back to you within just 24 hours!


iPhone 6s Vibrate Button Repair Service begins with a series of diagnostic tests to determine what is causing the problem with your iPhone 6s. There are a number of reasons that problems can occur from faulty switches to stuck buttons to wiring malfunctions. With our years of experience, we know how to diagnose the problem. If new parts are required, you can count on us to use only the finest quality, brand new components.


In most cases, repairs are minimal; however, there is a chance that your iPhone 6s has suffered more extensive damage and needs more intensive repairs. If we find out that more work is needed, we will send you an email before we proceed. This way, you can decide whether you want to invest in additional repairs or not.

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