iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

free quote for all our repairs including water damage repairs, if we can not fix or cost too much to fix, no charge on customer

Let us guess: it fell in the toilet? You jumped into the pool and forgot you had your iPhone 6 in your pocket? Or maybe you left it out in the rain? We have heard every possible scenario, many stranger than these examples, and we’ve managed to repair more than 9 out of 10 of the wet phones we receive. So don’t worry. If it can be fixed, we will fix it.

There is an option for us to swap out a brand new Apple iPhone for the price $450 conditions apply.


iPhone 6 water damage repair works like this: after you send it to us, we run a diagnostic test on your device, and once we have discovered the problem, we’ll send you a quote. You can choose to proceed with the repairs, or have the device sent back to you without any repairs for no additional charge. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you either. Simple as that.

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