iPhone 6S Backlight Repair

iPhone 6S Backlight Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair

iPhone 6 plus touch IC repair or people usually call it touch disease. Changing new iPhone screen will not solve this issue, this is mainboard problem.


In Apple’s search for the biggest, thinnest, most durable, longest lasting, and sleekest iPhone, they totally neglected the the rigidity of the iPhone 6 plus and the fact that it bends pretty easily. Since the logic board is held pretty firmly in place onto the frame with many screws, whatever bending that takes place with the frame also bends the logic board.  With the bending of the logic board, the ball grid array (BGA) chips on the logic board also seem to break from it leading to what the repair community knows as “touch IC disease”.

What is “touch IC disease”?  There are two chips on the iPhone 6 plus logic board that handle the touch functionality.  The two chips are called Meson and Cumulus to the repair community.  U2401 (Cumulus) and U2402 (Meson) as they are known in the schematics.

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