iPhone 4/4S Screen Repair

iPhone 4/4S Screen Repair

iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

Apple iPhone 5 Screen Repair

Did you drop your iPhone 5 and break the glass screen? Is the glass digitizer scratched, scuffed, chipped, cracked, shattered, or broken? Worried about cutting yourself, or is your phone not responding to your touch or has "dead spots"? When you try to touch things of the screen does it behave erratically or randomly? This repair service will quickly and professionally fix all of these issues.

walk in service is available for this repairs Walk in service is available for this repair.

vg phones lcd repair conditions richmond 3121 LCD and touch screen still working, no yellow mark on LCD.


It only has to drop once and hit at the right angle and then *smash*.  If your iPhone 5 has a broken glass screen, it may stop responding to your touch.  Shattered glass can cut your skin and be a hazard.  Don't settle for a shattered, cracked, or scratched screen on your iPhone 5, get it professionally repaired today!


-Broken, cracked, shattered, scratched, chipped, or scuffed glass.

-Unresponsive glass touch screen

-Dead spots in particular areas of the screen

-Erratic touch response, or random screen movement

-Loose glass screen that is coming off of the phone

Is the glass of your iPhone 5 broken and the LCD defective? - If your phone looks like in the picture, then the glass is broken and the LCD is defective.

We know that having a glass or LCD broken is really annoying and therefore we offer one of the lowest prices for this repair in the market.

Our skilled technicians have repaired thousands of phones and we can guarantee that your iPhone 5 will work perfectly again. We carry out express repairs in our own workshop, i.e. we do not send the phone to another service provider. This allows us to have the fastest and cheapest service in the market.

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