iPhone 5 Volume Button Repair

iPhone 5 Volume Button Repair

iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Repair

iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Repair


Is your iPhone 5's microphone not working? Do other people have a hard time hearing you? Can't record audio sounds, or is the recording scratchy, staticky, quiet, or muffled? Select this repair to fix all of these microphone issues on your iPhone 5.

The microphone is a critical function of your iPhone 5, and without it doesn't do much good as a phone.  Many things can cause a microphone to wear out and stop working, but it can be easily fixed by a professional technician.  If you have noticed that it is hard for other people to hear you in call, that your recordings sound scratchy, staticky, quiet, or muffled, or if it doesn't record audio at all, then this is the repair for you. 


-No microphone

-Can't record voice memos

-Other people can't hear you in call

-Your own voice sounds muffled or quiet

-Your own voice sounds scratchy or staticky

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