iPhone 5 LCD Repair

Is your iPhone 5 displaying a white screen? Are there lines or picture distorted on your display? This is the repair service for you! We'll get your iPhone 5 fixed super fast. We offer top notch service, paired with impecable quality parts! Order this to get your iPhone 5 fixed today!

walk in service is available for this repairs Walk in service is available for this repair.


Is your LCD screen dead or distorted?

Is your LCD screen unresponsive to touch?

Is your LCD screen and glass cracked?


Is the LCD screen on your iPhone 5 not working?  Maybe your iPhone was dropped, stepped on, or struck hard enough to damage the LCD screen, whether the glass broke or not.  In iPhone 4 and iphone 5 models, the glass is glued to the LCD screen, so you will need to replace your iPhone's front panel assembly. Replacing the front panel assembly will give you a new front glass panel, digitizer, and LCD screen.

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