IPhone 4

IPhone 4 "No Signal" - Blue Inductor Motherboard Repair

IPad Retina Display (IPad 3 - IPad 4) Backlight Repair

IPad Retina Display (IPad 3 - IPad 4) Backlight Repair

iPhone 4 4S USB IC Repair

iPhone 4s will not charge after water damage or do it yourself repair


If you have recently attempted a do-it your-self repair on your iPhone 4s and discover that it will not charge after you put everything back together then you may have nicked this little component. Its called the USB IC. With the iPhone 4 this component is in a safe place and will not get damaged as easily as it can with the i4s. Other common causes are: Water damage, Tampering with the iPhone's Motherboard, Dissembling it to fast.It is very fragile because it is only held down by 3 very small pins on each side. Do not worry, our iPhone 4s motherboard repair tecnicians are more than qualified to handle this job

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