Tempered glass screen protectors are amazingly slim, adding no significant change to any phone until you reach for the Home button and realize there is an additional layer there.  Luckily, this depth is so negligible, it will not distract you from using the phone and at some point. Like any other add-ons, you will easily get accustomed to it.

Most tempered glass screen protectors are designed using a special chemical firming up process to surpass the strength of steel. This process makes this screen protector a better shield against hard-hitting scratches. Some even have special the surfaces of phones via fingerprints.

tempered glass protectors

Some screen protectors have an effect on the screen’s resolution while others offer zero visual interference. Tempered glass screen protectors are fast becoming the screen protector pick of a lot of smartphone users and they are readily available at mobile phone repair sites such as vgphones.com.au. Having this sturdy screen protector installed can help you avoid having a cracked screen leading to costly phone screen replacements. Its cost is definitely worth it especially if you are using a high-priced mobile gadget like an iPhone. This tempered glass sheet will fit your phone just like a regular screen protector and it is specifically designed to provide extreme phone protection from damage brought about by strong impacts as well scratches. 

They are amazingly tough to scratch compared to ordinary screen protectors. Some have been sprayed with a special coating that resists the leaving of fingerprints just like the one used on iPhones. And they are so thin you can barely notice them from afar. They are also optically very clear, providing users with unimpeded visibility, altering nothing on the screen’s contrast, brightness, and overall resolution quality. All of the phone’s sensors function through the glass, and other add-on devices such as cameras will be not be affected by the protector.

And, because it is made of tempered glass, you can say goodbye to bubbles and screen imperfections, issues that come with regular protectors. Tempered glass screen protectors slide perfectly to your phone, minus the bubbles. And the moment you decide to remove it, your phone will look like new.