iPhone 8 devices that worked fine prior to the iOS 11.3 update have suddenly stopped working.

Apple released iOS 11.3 at the end of March, and the update is killing touch functionality in iPhone 8 repaired with some aftermarket screens that worked prior to the update. That means people who broke their phone and had the audacity to get it repaired by anyone other than Apple is having a hard time using their phone. “This has caused my company over 2,000 reshipments,” Aakshay Kripalani, CEO of Injured Gadgets, a Georgia-based retailer and repair shop, told me in a Facebook message. “Customers are annoyed and it seems like Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing 3rd party repair.” You can get your iPhone 8 screen repair at VG Phones with OEM part, this issue wont effect.

A similar thing happened for the iPhone 7 last year. An iOS update prevented the touchscreens from working on iPhone 7 with third-party repaired screens. Apple then released a follow-up software update that made them work again, resolving the issue.

We are not sure whether Apple will release another the version to fix this issue. Please make sure choosing OEM screen for your screen repair service in the meantime. We will keep you update via this post