Have you damaged your Samsung screen and need to have it repaired? With Samsung screen repair service from VG Phones, you can have your Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note screens replaced with an authentic, original screen that was manufactured specifically for your phone.

That means when you use our mobile phone repair service, your device gets returned as if it were brand new and functions exactly like it used to before your screen got damaged. Here are some of the benefits to using authentic screens for your mobile phone repair:

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With Original Screens, Your Phone Is Like New

Whether your device was dropped and the screen got broken, or the screen simply became unresponsive, our Samsung screen repair service offers original screens for many models that will result in your device being as close to brand new as possible.

We Carry Authentic Screens For These Samsung Galaxy S Devices:

Additionally We Have Original Screens For The Following Samsung Galaxy Note Models:

After having your device repaired with our Samsung mobile repair service, you won’t have to worry about the screen not sitting on the device properly or looking slightly off. You will have peace of mind knowing you retain the same high-quality screen that you purchased in the first place.

Original Samsung Screens Are Higher Quality

When you purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, or Samsung Note 4 or 5, part of the reason was probably because of the high-quality LCD screen. If you choose a Samsung screen repair service that does not replace your phone’s screen with original, authentic screens, you will end up with a display that does not function the way it is supposed to or even lacks the crisp contrast and resolution of your original screen.

Authentic Samsung screens have better response rates, are less likely to be re-damaged than other phone screens, and fit the frame of your device so you never have to worry about small spaces between your Samsung phone body and the screen itself.

Get Your Samsung Screen Repaired Today

No matter what happened to your screen, whether you dropped it, something fell on it, or it simply became unresponsive, our Samsung screen repair service at VG Phones will have your device working as good as new in no time.
For many Samsung Galaxy devices, we offer original, authentic screen replacement which means you don’t have to worry about cheap off-brand screens.

If you have a damaged screen and need mobile phone repair on your device, click here to get started and have your Samsung screen replaced by our professional repair technicians today.