Apple’s iPhone SE is offering a compact, powerful, somewhat budget-concious smartphone for iOS fans — and you can pick one up in store today.

apple iphone se release in Australia

This isn’t your standard iPhone launch. The hype intensity is contained, the focus is on practicality and there were no round-the-block queues at Apple’s flagship Sydney store this morning.

That is understandable, since it’s fair to say the iPhone SE isn’t really a “new” iPhone. It’s a combination of popular existing features, wrapped up in a smaller-than-standard package, especially designed to fill a niche.

If want a phone that will fit comfortably in your pocket, are a fan of the Apple ecosystem and don’t want to pay $1000+ for a new device, you’re the target audience here.

To buy outright the 16 GB 4-inch SE will set you back $679, with the 64GB version priced at $829. All of Australia’s major telcos have plans available.