iPhone 5 Home And Power Buttons Not Working After Battery Change

The iPhone 5 has a lot of components exposed on the logic board which can be easily damaged if you are unaware of the components involved. Here at VG Phones its a problem we see daily and something that is easily repaired if you are able to complete Component level repairs competently, So DO NOT PANIC, ITS VERY FIXABLE! Phewwww , now thats out of the road, lets tell you how it happens so you know for the next time you go to change a battery on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Battery Pry

This damage happens when you pry the battery out form the wrong place, it looks like the ideal place to pry the battery from as its where the pull tab is for the battery removal, when pried from this point you can knock of some IC which are needed for functioning of the home button and power button, below you will see how not to pry the battery.

iphone 5 power button and home button not working

just at the back of the sim reader, there are many components here in a line, they are situated underneath a flex cable which is for signal, most commonly three components come of with pry damage, usually they would still be sitting there and just need rebelled and refitted again to successfully return the function of the home and power button.

iphone 5 mother board repair

Above is an image of typical pry damage to iPhone 5, you can see 2 of the IC (U3) are off here and need refitted, if you have damage like this on your iPhone 5, then do not be surprised if the home and power button do not wor k. there is also a possible issue with a NO SIM CARD INSERTED message which may appear if you have knocked of more IC’s than in the image above, this IC is called DZ101_RF  we can also replace or repair this .