Have you ever been confused by different qualities of iPhone LCD screens such as OEM, non OEM, after market, original refurbished, copy touch,  screen on the market and do not know how to choose the right one? We are going to look at differences quality screen between Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) screen and a generic copy screen.

Generic copy screen and other parts (flex cable,backlight, sensor,mid frame) are always going to be cheaper than the OEM version because they not only use cheaper parts but the companies that produce these screen have much lower overheads, low reputation, less staff and less quality control. These are just some common factors that come into play when looking at the failure rate of some of these copied parts.


The display effects of sample LCDs here are for reference, they may vary with different LCD batches and vendors.:

compare oem and copy screen

OEM NEW                                                     Original LCD with Compatible Flex Cable

At VG Phones we use screens sourced through OEM supplier which allows us to provide high quality repair service. If you have an questions please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff.