$65 Red Mobile Plan

$65 Red Mobile Plan

$50 Vodafone Mobile Plan

$50 Vodafone Mobile Plan

$60 Vodafone Mobile Plan

Unlimited national and international SMS, Unlimited calls to Vodafone customers. $700 calls to anywhere included overseas calls. 1.5 GB of data to use. 

  • Pay $4 a month for iPhone 5C 16GB
  • Pay $9 a month for iPhone 5S 16GB
  • Pay $6 a month for iPhone 5 16GB
  • Pay $5 a month for Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Pay $5 a month for Samsung Galaxy Active
  • Pay $0 a month for Nokia Lumia 925
  • Pay $0 a month for HTC One
  • Pay $0 a month for Sony Xperia Z

$60 Plan 24 months

$60 per month gives you $700 each month to spend on Plan Inclusions, plus:

  • INFINITE Vodafone to Vodafone standard national voice calls within Australia
  • 1.5GB of mobile internet data within Australia or INFINITE BlackBerry® Email Internet Browsing + 1.5GB of data for video streaming
  • INFINITE Standard national and international TXT sent to personal mobile numbers


Plan Inclusions

CallingNational ratesInternational rates
Standard TXT Infinite Infinite
Standard PXT® (text, pic, audio, video) 55c each 55c each
Standard voice calls

98c per minute + 40c flagfall
($2.36 per 2min call) + 40c flagfall

INFINITE Vodafone to Vodafone standard national voice calls within Australia

See International Call Rates
Standard video calls $1.47 per minute + 40c flagfall 1.5 x international call rate + 40c flagfall
Other callingRates
13, 15 & 1800 numbers 13 & 18 numbers: standard call rates apply
15 numbers: dependant on service you are calling
Customer Care (1555) FREE OF CHARGE
Voicemail retrieval 98c per minute + 40c flagfall
Re-routed calls to numbers that divert to international services (Pivotel/Satellite) $1.20 per minute + 40c flagfall
Directory Assist (1223) $2.60 a call (+ standard call rates if you're THRU-connected)
TXT Delivery Report 5c per message
Other servicesI can enjoy
National Roaming See National Roaming Rates
Voicemail deposit FREE OF CHARGE
Vodafone Central browsing Free, only pay for what you download
Call diversions within Australia Standard national call rate
Plan services you pay for 

Premium TXT
Rates dependant on service

Vodafone Central STK and Content Downloads
Price specified at time of purchase

International Roaming
See International Roaming information

Mobile Internet Data Inclusions per month
1.5GB with minimum session of 1KB

Additional Data charge per MB (on Vodafone)
10c per MB with min session of 1KB

123 ‘Ask Anything’ (includes calls to 0414100123 & 0414123123)
123 Connect Fee: $1.30
123 rate per min: $1.30

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